Anti Snap Euro Cylinders Leeds 

At the moment most of the homes across Leeds and West Yorkshire are fitted with standard euro profile cylinders. Euro locks can be found on all Upvc doors some wood doors and some metal doors, in general no matter what the door is made out of if it has a multi point locking mechanism then it will have a euro cylinder fitted as well. Euro locks are very vulnerable to two types of brake in one is called lock snapping and the other is called lock bumping. The most common of these two types is lock snapping. This is where the euro lock can be broken at its weakest point which is in the middle and the multi point locking mechanism can be easily manipulated open. The whole process only takes about 30 seconds and is very quite this makes it the ideal technique for burglars to use because its fast and effective. We cant go into to much detail about how the lock snapping technique is done because we don't want to give tips to burglars but it is happening across Leeds every single day. West Yorkshire police now recommend fitting British standard anti snap and snap safe euro locks as a direct replacement for the standard barrels. There are now a lot different types of anti snap or snap safe locks available. In 99% of burglary's we attend the customer will opt for one of the newer anti snap locks when we show them the difference in the two lock barrels.The Anti snap locks are designed to withstand a attack from a burglar and are reinforced making them very difficult to snap where as the snap safe barrels are designed to break off in a different place to the standard barrels keeping the door secure as they have a new sacrificial point built in. Upgrading you existing lock barrels before the worst happens is not as costly as people think and will dramatically increase the security of your property. Gatenby Locksmiths can supply and fit any make of anti snap or snap safe euro lock you like. Please feel free to contact us for more information on lock snapping and prices.
Anti Snap Locks Fitted In Leeds

Pictured below is a standard Euro lock which has been snapped in a burglary 

lock snapping In Leeds

Below are some of the new British standard snap safe and anti snap Locks 

Anti snap locks Leeds

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